Allergy Relief

Sublingual Immunotherapy (Allergy Drops) is a new way to treat allergies without shots.  Click here to read about the new treatment in the Journal of the American Medical Association.   Allergy Drops are proven to be effective and safe.  The treatment consists of placing drops of a customized solution under your tongue.   To learn more about his treatment, keep reading below. As a primary care physician, Dr. Gnatt always looks for the best treatments for his patients.  Click here to read about how he discovered this exciting new treatment.  If you suffer from allergies and want to read about how to get tested, click here.

Allergy Drops, Not Shots

Unlike allergy medications, which suppress the allergic reaction, allergy drops work by training the immune system to become less reactive to the pollen, dander, mold, dust, or whatever you are allergic to. With Allergy Drops, your symptoms improve and you need less medication.  The benefit from the treatment is long lasting even after completing the treatment cycle.

Allergy drops have been tested in many studies for treatment of a variety of inhalant allergens in patients with Allergic Rhinitis (nasal allergies, hay fever) as well as Allergic Asthma.  This effective treatment has also been proven to be safer than allergy shots.  Having a severe allergic response to Allergy Drops is extremely rare.  In contrast, allergy shots have a well established but rare risk of anaphylaxis (very severe allergic reaction.)  This is usually treatable in the office, but rarely can result in death.  Because of this risk, most allergists in Europe have been treating  patents with Allergy Drops instead of allergy shots.

Because it is so safe, Allergy Drops offers the convenience of treatment at home.

How I Discovered Allergy Drops

“When I practiced medicine for 12 years in New York city, I referred most of my allergy patents to Dr. Dean Mitchell.  Like most of the other allergists in the US, he originally treated his patients with allergy shots.  Later I learned that instead of giving allergy shots, Dr. Mitchell was prescribing Allergy Drops under the tongue.”

“Treating allergies with drops under the tongue is known as Sublingual Immunotherapy.   My patients receiving allergy treatment from Dr. Mitchell were enormously pleased with this approach.  They no longer had to take off from work every week to get a shot.  Instead, they just placed four drops under their tongue once a day at home.  My patients completed their course of treatments, enjoyed relief from their allergies, and experience no serious side effects.”

In 2013, Dr. Gnatt completed his training with Dr. Mitchell for Sublingual Immunology and has been successfully using this treatment in his practice ever since.  To read more about Dr. Mitchell as a leading expert in this treatment, click here to visit his website; or, read his book “Dr. Dean Mitchell’s Allergy and Asthma Solution:  The Ultimate Program for Reversing Your Symptoms One Drop at a Time.”

Allergy Testing

If you suffer from allergies, it is helpful to know what you are allergic to so you can avoid contact if possible.  It’s also necessary to find out what you are allergic to, so that Allergy Drops can be custom made to treat your specific allergies.

Instead of a skin prick test or a skin scratch test,  Dr. Gnatt uses a blood test to determine your specific allergic sensitivities.  Studies show that the new improved blood testing is as accurate as the skin prick test.  At Gnatt Medical Associates  we use the ImmunoCAP test because it has been shown to be the more reliable.  Your custom Allergy Drops are then crafted for you according to your specific allergies.

Before ordering a blood test, Dr. Gnatt will first perform a complete history and physical examination to determine if allergies are truly the problem and to see if further testing is needed.  After ordering the allergy blood test, it is recommended you return for a follow up visit to discuss the results and consider all your options.  If you decide to start Allergy Drops therapy, the first treatment is given in the office.  After this initial testament visit, you can administer the drops once a day at home.

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